…The Perfect Top for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding…

Are you looking for the perfect top to wear during both your pregnancy and breastfeeding journeys?

Introducing our Mayfair Drapey Nursing Blouse.

Our Mayfair Drapey Nursing Blouse, is so versatile and can be worn in so many different ways! Featuring a cross front design (allowing for easy nursing access), a relaxed fit, and long button up sleeve; making it the perfect top for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Because it is so versatile, we have put together another fashion edit, showing three different ways that this top can be styled.

1.) Casual Chic + Some Edge

The Mayfair Drapey Blouse can be worn with so many different pieces and makes for the perfect foundation piece, for layering. In our first look, we have styled the Mayfair Drapey Blouse with our AMAZING Bonnie Coatigan, and our Isla Distressed Jeggings; paired with some tan ankle boots and some sunnies to give it a laid back feel. Breastfeeding Mamas, this style is perfect for you, during these colder months.

This style is great for mums-on-the-go, breastfeeding Mamas, and is suitable for any winter weekend event.

2.) The Corporate Style

Working Mamas we have got you covered! The Mayfair Drapey Blouse is the perfect corporate top and will last you through your pregnancy, as well as your breastfeeding journey. For the ultimate corporate look, we have styled the Mayfair Drapey Blouse with our Cropped Evening Jacket, and a black high-waist work skirt.

This is a very polished and put together look, and is perfect for working Mamas and soon-to-be pumping Mamas.

3.) Desk To Dinner

Minimalism inspired our last look; styling the Mayfair Drapey Blouse with our Flora Skinny Capri Pant. This is the perfect foundation to add any layering pieces too, including our Bonnie Coatigan, or Evening Cropped Jacket.  This is our favourite look, as it will carry you through your pregnancy and then to breastfeeding and beyond.

This style is perfect for working Mamas, pumping Mamas, and breastfeeding  Mamas. Wear it to work and then to dinner, or any other dressy occasion; Making it the perfect Desk to Dinner look!

The Mayfair Drapey Blouse is the perfect Top for both pregnancy and breastfeeding, and being so versatile can be styled in many different ways!

This goregous top is now on SALE for $69.00!!!!


Our Polka Dottie: Alice

Hair: Hair By Kayla

MUA: Marely Hammond Makeup Artist

Photographer: Vicky Neal

Breastfeeding in Public – There Should Be No Debate

Breastfeeding in public should not be a debate in my opinion but it seems to be a constant battle.

*Please note that everything written here is my own personal opinion.*  

Breastfeeding in public wearing Polka Dot Pop fashion
Breastfeeding fashion by Polka Dot Pop


Recently a new reality TV Show “Yummy Mummies” that is yet to air, has been advertised across several social media platforms. When I first saw the trailer for “Yummy Mummies” I thought, yeah this is probably a show I’ll watch and not tell anyone that I watched it (just like when I binge watched Dance Moms). It seemed like a bit of fun, definitely not something I would take too seriously. Then Channel 7 started to advertise it with the caption “Breastfeeding in public is illegal”. When I first saw this, myself and many others were not very happy.

Breastfeeding in Public is Not Illegal

The whole thing came about when one of the stars of this new reality show made a negative comment towards a breastfeeding mother who was feeding her baby in a cafe, saying; “Breastfeeding in public is illegal, you just don’t do it.”  Watching the clip for the first time, I got a little bit cranky that not only would someone say this, which I can not stress enough, is 100% NOT TRUE, (Breastfeeding in public is legal), but that Channel 7 couldn’t wait to use that statement to advertise their new show (cue eye roll).

Once this all came about, obviously people weren’t happy (especially breastfeeding Mamas). There were a lot of negative words directed at the star who started all of the controversy.

It took me awhile, but then I thought back to myself almost 3-4 years ago. While I would never say it was illegal, I think I had at some point said something along the lines of; “why would you breastfeed in public”. 

I, like that star from ‘Yummy Mummies’, thought that breastfeeding was something that you did ‘privately’. That it was a bond between a Mama and her Babe and no one else. I was naive and truly had no idea how my words may have ended up impacting someone. To be fair I said a lot of ridiculous things before I had kids i.e. they will never watch TV, or they will never have a dummy.

Breastfeeding is Hard Work

I know some of you may be surprised that I would have said something like this, considering that I have been breastfeeding Olivia in public almost everyday since she was born (that’s what happens when you take your baby to work with you). But this was before I had Spencer. I had no idea what it was like to be a Mama let alone a Breastfeeding Mama. Anyone who has started/tried/finished or is continuing to breastfeed would all agree that Breastfeeding is hard work!

I am very lucky that my breastfeeding journey with both my children has been relatively easy for me. I was fortunate as they latched straight away and I produced enough milk, but it has still been hard.

Spencer and I ended our breastfeeding journey at 6 months. Though I don’t like to admit it, the biggest reason for why it ended when it did, was my fear of breastfeeding in public.

Why Was I Afraid to Breastfeed in Public?

I cannot recall one moment with Spencer when I actually breastfed him in a public space. I would take bottles with me everywhere I went or would choose to not go anywhere at all. By the time 6 months rolled around, I was ready to leave the house all of the time and that was when we made the switch to formula. *I have absolutely no issue with formula; breastfeeding was just something I could do and wanted to do, and had aimed to make it to 12 months*

So, why was I so afraid to breastfeed in public? To be honest it was comments like the one that was used to promote “Yummy Mummies” that I was terrified to hear.

I was scared that I would be feeding Spencer and someone would come up to me and say something really negative or something like, “Breastfeeding in public is illegal”. 

I was a new Mama, sleep deprived and working out this whole motherhood gig, while getting used to breastfeeding. The last thing myself or any Mama needs to hear is something negative towards them breastfeeding their babies in public, let alone that it is illegal.

Breastfeeding in public
Breastfeeding fashion by Polka Dot Pop

Breastfeeding in Public should be all about Choice

New Mums do not need any sort of judgement. You do what you need to do just to survive motherhood. Even if that means sitting your toddler in front of the TV to get 5 minutes of peace; feeding him chicken nuggets, because both you and your husband never stop working and sometimes dinner just does not work out; you give your baby the dummy so you don’t turn into a human pacifier; giving your baby a bottle or formula because either you want to or breastfeeding just didn’t work out; and breastfeeding your baby in a public space, because just like you, they get hungry!

Do I want to verbally attack one of the “Yummy Mummies” for what she said- absolutely not! Because a few years ago I was her. Hopefully she will think a little more carefully about her words before she voices them and thinks about the impact her words could have on a breastfeeding Mama. I am angry at Channel 7 for using this comment to get everyone talking about the show (which we are). For highlighting Breastfeeding in public as an issue, when it should just be a part of the societal norm.

Breastfeeding is hard work. For some Mamas it can be even harder to take the plunge and feed in a public space. If you feel uncomfortable looking at someone nursing their baby, my advice is don’t look. That Mama does not need to hear your opinion, in fact it might prevent her from feeding her baby in public again.

The only thing you should ever say to a breastfeeding Mama (aside from a normal conversation (we can feed and talk and eat, read, reply to emails, put up posts on Facebook etc.) is; hey you are doing a great job!

hey you are doing a great job!

My Breastfeeding Journey with Olivia

breastfeeding in public
Feeding my gorgeous baby, Olivia

*I have been so fortunate during my time breastfeeding Olivia. I have never received any negative criticism towards me breastfeeding her in public. Livy is breastfed everyday at our boutique and will continue to do so until the end of our breastfeeding journey. I welcome any Mama that needs to breastfeed her babe. Come and take a seat in our nursing space located at our Polka Dot Pop Boutique.*

Baby Shower Dresses for Winter

If you’re having trouble finding Baby Shower Dresses for Winter, I know exactly where you are coming from. Having been one of those Mamas who had a Winter Babe; I know first hand, how hard it can be to find a dress that is warm, comfortable, and special enough for a Baby Shower.
At my own Baby Shower for Spencer, I wore a frilly, autumn-toned floral dress that made me look like I was two sizes bigger- I felt awful on the day and didn’t even get any photos of myself (despite the dress, I really regret not getting any photos taken!)
Lucky for you lovely Mamas, I have found quite a few STUNNING Winter Dresses that are perfect for your growing bumps, are comfortable, and most importantly will keep you warm!

Customers Can Purchase Our Beautiful Baby Shower Dresses Online or In Store

1. Ash Textured Knit Cocoon Dress

We have featured two cocoon style dresses for our Baby Shower Edit, as these dresses are by far the comfiest Maternity Dresses around! The Ash Textured Knit Cocoon Dress is a gorgeous ash grey colour and is perfect to wear for a gender neutral Baby Shower.
A lot of Mamas like to wear tight fitting dresses while pregnant (so they can show off their bumps), and this dress fits well, accentuates your bump, and with the ruched sides, provides super stretch, and so much comfort.
This is the longest dress featured in our edit and falls to mid-calf length. Our Polka Dottie, Bree, wears the Ash Textured Knit Cocoon Dress with nude heels and a stunning Flower Crown. To warm up a little bit more, simply add a trench-style, black jacket, or our Bonnie Coatigan, and ankle boots.

2. Harper Dress

One of my personal favourites! Featuring bell sleeves and a beautiful blush floral print, you will be sure to stand out from the crowd. Made in Australia, this stretchy fabric will grow with you throughout your pregnancy.
The Harper Dress has a total Seventies Vibe to it, and looks AMAZING with a flower crown! We had an absolute ball of fun shooting Bree in this gorgeous dress!
Accessorise with nude heels, or tank ankle boots, and you will be turning heads!
The Harper Dress also looks amazing on, Post-Baby; keep an eye on our to social media to see more about this.

3. Chalk Pink Cocoon Dress

For an effortless chic Baby Shower Dress, we selected the Chalk Pink Cocoon Dress. It’s perfect for celebrating a Baby Shower for a little girl.
This low key essential piece will be your favourite go to piece this season! It can be worn in so many different ways, dressed up, or down.
Our favourite look for this dress, was teaming it with a grey shawl (our Granite Shawl was used, however has now sold out), nude heels, and of course a flower crown! *Our Polka Dottie, Bree, wore this whole outfit to her Baby Shower, a month ago!*
So, these three dresses were selected for our Baby Shower Edit, because they are all gorgeous, comfortable, versatile (you will get more use out of them, then just for your Baby Shower) and will get you through winter.
Current sizes in stock range from Small-Large (XS and XL can be ordered in). Prices starting from $79.95-$149.95. All dresses can be bought through AFTERPAY!
Photographer: Vicky Neal
Polka Dottie: Bree
Flower Crown: Westridge Florist

The Conception of Polka Dot Pop: Part One

The idea of Polka Dot Pop came to life, almost a year and a half, before this small business actually launched, when I was pregnant with my now threenager, Spencer.

After almost a year of trying to have a baby; the last thing on any expectant mother’s mind is, ‘what am I going to wear?’ For myself that thought didn’t even enter my head until I was well and truly in my second trimester. Like many other mums-to-be, I spent most of my first trimester excited about our little blip (what I called Spencer before I knew he was a Spencer), and with my head in a toilet bowl, suffering with what the experts call ‘morning sickness’ (more like all-day-sickness that left me 15 kilos lighter); so at that stage I didn’t even care if my hair was brushed, let alone trying to work out what I was going to wear.

Fast forward to the second trimester; the smell of meat cooking no longer sent me running; the nausea abated; I could eat food other than just hot chips; and I finally felt human again. It was around this time that my belly really started to expand and the clothes that once fitted nicely, became restrictive, uncomfortable and like I needed to unbutton my jeans after a big meal (even when I was wearing a dress). At the time Maternity Clothes hadn’t even entered my mind, I just did what almost every pregnant mama does; just bought normal clothing in a size bigger. I bought bigger sizes just so I could feel comfortable; I didn’t even register how much I was spending on clothes at the time, I just knew I needed something to wear.

Target, Kmart, Best and Less, and Big W (they had the largest range), all had a maternity section (and still do). They all pretty much stocked the same range; white and black tanks/plain t shirts; black pants; jeans that went up almost over your head; and stripes, stripes, stripes. Look, I’ll be honest it didn’t really excite me, but I grabbed a few basics anyway. They were comfortable, but weren’t the best quality, and not something that I could dress up or wear to an event, but I made do.



Enter the third trimester. During this time, I had four events that I had to dress for, including a wedding and my Baby Shower. I was beyond desperate and began looking online. I had no idea what I was looking for and came across a few Online Maternity Stores (I am not going to name business names, because that might be a bit rude); they did not stock anything I liked and the prices were through the roof (between $150-$250 for just a plain dress)! Finally I struck gold and found an Online Maternity Store that had so many options, and was quite affordable. My only issue was that it was an overseas company, and there was no sizing chart, plus I had to sift through a lot of pages to find what I was looking for (again no names). It was probably the biggest online order I had ever placed.

Again I cannot remember every detail, but I know I ordered a fair amount of Maternity Clothes, and out of all of them, there was only one dress that I liked and fitted me properly (above dress); to say I was disappointed would be an understatement. This was the moment I first thought, ‘imagine if someone started a business selling Maternity Clothes that fitted well, were comfortable, affordable, and didn’t make you look like you were wearing a potato sack?!’

If I have held your attention thus far, stay tuned for next week- Part Two!

Dani Xxxx

One Dress Three Ways: Weekend Shirt Dress

Our Weekend Shirt Dress will be one of the most comfortable and versatile pieces that you could own. This dress is perfect for all stages of pregnancy, and features a button through placket that will provide easy access for on-the-go breastfeeding.

We have created three different styles for the Weekend Shirt Dress that we think, any Mama or Mum-To-Be, could totally pull off!

1.) The Ultimate Weekend Style
The Weekend Shirt Dress is obviously your go to outfit for the weekend, so our first look is very minimalistic. The dress is buttoned up and has been teamed with converses and a, neutral colour, over-the-shoulder bag. Sleeves can be rolled up or left down. This style is great for any Breastfeeding Mamas, as it saves you the time and hassle of trying to find something to wear, simply throw on and go!
2.) Dress Turned Jacket Style
For our second look, we have turned your dress into a layering piece. By simply unbuttoning and teaming it with leggings and a black top, you can create a whole new style. This is why the Weekend Shirt Dress is perfect to wear in Toowoomba, as the weather is often unpredictable; going from freezing to warm throughout the day. On a particularly cold day, you could finish off the entire look with a scarf and switch the cons for ankle boots.
3.) Edge It Up Style
So far, we have shown you looks that are very minimalistic and casual. With our third look, we have once again used the dress as a layering piece, but wanted to give it an edgy style that you could wear to an event or occasion that took place at night (while still being able to grab your morning coffee in it). By teaming the Weekend Shirt Dress with a white tank (Shine Bright Tank) and our AMAZING Isla Distressed Jeggings, we were able to edge it up! This look isn’t just perfect for all you pregnant Mamas who want to show off your bumps; just add a white nursing tank (coming soon), and Breastfeeding Mamas, you have another easy on-the-go outfit to wear!
So, there you have it; one dress worn in three ways. Available at our Polka Dot Pop Boutique; Located at Shop 18, 461 Ruthven Street, Australia Arcade, Toowoomba. Or available on our online boutique
If your size is not currently available, please send us a message.